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 As a new paraplegic, traveling with a disability in Europe has come with a steep learning curve. I haven’t been a paraplegic long enough to know how much fiber I need every day or how to repair a broken wheel in a different country. What it means to be disabled, the differences in cultural expectations for those with disabilities and defining new capabilities and strengths has all been a part of this journey. Whether a disability is related to mobility impairment or whether the need is to know how to travel with strollers, I hope my experience traveling in popular tourist destinations in Europe can help. The provided itineraries are designed to fit a four day holiday.

Every disability is different- what worked for me as I recall my experiences may not be possible for another. Guides and suggestions by companies like Sage Travel and Disabled Access Holidays are more universal in equipping all disabilities and have been invaluable to my planning. Please see this page from the friendshipcircle.org on accessible travel agencies for more info!


  1. My son Kevin and I met you at the shepherd center. I’m glad to find your blog! It is fantastic!
    You may not remember us. Kevin was a student at the naval academy when he was hurt. We are from massachusetts. I remember chatting with you at a group meeting. Kevin is at Georgetown law now. Congratulations on your wonderful achievements!!!!

  2. Hello Julia!
    Do you remember the blind dog Sola and his japanese mama in Stuttgart??
    I wrote you on your email address several times but I think it did`t work somehow..
    I found now your blog, we want to send you a Greeting from Germany!
    Sola and Mikiko

  3. Hi, Julia, you have a lovely and moving blog, here. I am the ex wife of your cousin, Pete. I knew your mother, she was an exceptional woman. Thank you for showing this veteran what courage looks like.

    By the way, I knew you’d be absolutely beautiful, as a woman, you were such a little doll as a kid.

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