Getting a Disability Parking Pass in Europe with the US Military

It’s hard enough to PCS (move in the military), but even harder when you have to figure out how to get a new disabled parking pass in Germany when you don’t speak German.



What is needed to get a disabled parking pass decal for post:

  • The parking pass form from the EFMP office at the ACS Office on post to  signed by a doctor
  •  An extra passport photo (the photo is used on your parking decal)

The signed form and the passport photo can then be taken the vehicle registration office on post. The ID will be issued from there and delivered to your CMR Box.

NOTE: This disability parking pass is only good on the military installations and not in the economy.

To obtain a German European Union parking pass, you must take the same signed form to the Rahthaus (town hall) in the village where you live, as well as an extra passport photo. The European Union parking pass is GOOD FOR ALL COUNTRIES OF THE UNION. Not a bad deal.

More information on the European Union pass can be found here parking_card_leaflet_en

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