My Mean Mom



When I was growing up, my mom was mean.

She punished myself and my three siblings when we made messes and didn’t clean them up.

I had to have a good excuse for not getting straight A’s.

We had a whole list of chores we had to do if we wanted allowance. And more chores were added if we were caught fighting with each other.

She made us go to church each Sunday morning and youth group on Sunday nights. And even during our summer vacation.

If we ever said we were bored at home, she’d make us clean the house or give us a list of books we had to read.

She was so mean taught me how important it is to give back by making us volunteer with her each Christmas by ringing bells for Salvation Army, even though all my friends could see me.

If we ever went camping, she forced us to know how to light a fire ourselves, set up a tent and make dinner.

We never got to get exactly what we wanted in the cereal aisle.

My mom was so mean she’d embarrass me all the time by giving me hugs and kisses in front of the whole school during awards nights, cross country meets, prom dinners or any of the million events she found a way to be present for after working all night.

I never got the makeup or jewelry I wanted for Christmas but instead got a microscope that made me fall in love with science. Lame.

She never let me pout when things didn’t go my way but made me learn how to roll with the punches of life.

All four of us had to have a job in high school if we wanted to share our own cars in high school. And those cars were bought USED. Gross.

My mom was so mean she made me believe in God by how fervently she prayed for all of us.

My mom was so mean she didn’t approve of any of my boyfriends except the boy I’m married to now.


My mom was so good at being so mean that God took her back to be the angel that watches me grow into the confident, strong woman that she was and I never would have been if she hadn’t been so mean.


Happy Mother’s Day. Kiss your mom today for being so mean.

But Maybe She Wheel in Cinque Terre

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  1. What a lovely tribute to the amazing woman who created you to be such an amazing woman! Loved that.

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