Talk to a Gamecock: Student Disability Services

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucios 

Shawn Boucher, Office of Student Disability Services Department of Assistive Technology of University of South Carolina

His advice to new students

When utilizing the services of your department, are there any guidelines you would find helpful for a student to follow?

Shawn: Respond to e-mails! We communicate primarily through e-mail. Check your USC e-mail daily – have it forwarded to your main e-mail account if that will make it easier. Everything will be slowed down if we don’t hear back from you.

In the general attitude of acceptance on campus, do you have any advice/insight/possibly a story about how a student with disabilities can not only be accepted on campus, but can also be successful?

Shawn: Don’t just be “that student with a disability”. Be a real person to your professors. Actively engage with your professors in class. Also, be involved on campus. The more people with disabilities (I’m mainly talking about physical disabilities) are playing active roles on campus, the more normalized it will become and hopefully will lead to people thinking about the accessibility of their organizations/clubs/activities/etc.

Visit University of South Carolina Student Disability Services for more information

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